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Also Blad Dr. Laura Rosi? both from the group Haematooncology Hospital Cl? nic – IDIBAPS to two lectures on two new multiple myeloma studies .

Results are consistent and significant. The overall survival rate of patients treated with sorafenib, an average of 10.7 months compared to 7.9 months, in the USA administered placebo. Thus, this treatment increases overall survival of more than 40 percent, if the placebo group. In addition, no differences in the rate of serious adverse events between the two treatment modalities were observed. Receive data imply an unprecedented therapeutic advances in the treatment of advanced liver cancer and involve a shift of the disease paradigm. This treatment gives new hope to patients who previously could neither hope of curative effects of therapies beneficiate more, improve for survival. From a scientific perspective, this drug delays tumor progression and improves survival, will be the base for future more research to be. The SHARP study, an international phase III study conducted by Hospital Cl nic in collaboration with Mount Sinai, Llovet is head of the Liver Cancer Research Program, started 5 years ago and included a total of 602 patients from 110 centers in the U.S., South America, Australia and New Zealand. In this study.ting patients had advanced liver cancer and had not received any kind of therapy prior to the study.

TMS is the professional organization which, the full range of on material science and engineering 9 500 minerals processing and primary basic metals to basic research and advanced Application Details from material. Trapped among his 9,500 professionals and student representatives are metallurgic and material engineers, scientists, researchers, teachers and administrators to from six continents.

Normally, all women had about eight hours of sleep per night. Experience has deliberately destroyed their normal sleep routine. Wake up at dawn

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As people age, they may become less sensitive restriction of sleep, the researchers write. Researchers are also interested in ‘sleep debt’ that have seen worse in young women.

To keep women from becoming totally bored, were allowed to leave the lab for a few hours in prime time. But it was not allowed to drive, and EEG were still in progress, verification of stealth sleep.

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Stenuit study was primarily conducted in a sleep laboratory. Driving was out of question for the participants.

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